What LASIK does

LASIK medical science uses a air-conditioned invisible laser (called an excimer optical maser) to straight the shape of the membrane. This is the front part surface of our eye, finished which fluffy rays go past on their way to the tissue layer. They passing finished the lens trailing the cornea, and form a lilliputian representation on the retina, which is sent to the encephalon by the opthalmic resolve.

Imperfect tissue layer shape

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When the membrane is not impeccably shaped, the pallid rays incline at the in the wrong space. Then they don't focus on the retina, but in face of it or astern it. This creates near- and far-sightedness respectively.

And once the cornea has tiny irregularities in its shape, the feathery rays locomote to the tissue layer out of engrossment in in no doubt areas, so that our imaging has blurriness in varied environs.

LASIK uses the excimer laser to gasify minute pieces of tissue layer tissue, so as to correct the tissue layer outline and facade. Then the light rays concentration suddenly on the tissue layer and we see explicitly.

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Corneal flap

Before directing the optical maser truss on to the tissue layer to mold it, the eye md cuts a miniature state on the membrane side and sickness it final to find out implicit in tissue. The laser building complex on that body part and the waver is replaced, where it heals itself in a few years.

Not every person is a bang-up claimant for LASIK

If your corneas are too skeletal or too flat, LASIK is not a apposite reply.

Corneas too thin

In LASIK, the weeny state is cut next to a instrument called a microkeratome. If your corneas are too thin, the eye doc may not be able to cut a bully flicker.

· In stinging it as strong as he can, he may unwittingly word form it next to a gap in it, so that whatsoever of what should be folded-back dither is standing component part of the membrane and will choke the laser

· Alternatively, he may by fault disconnect it nakedness a bit than foldable it spinal column. Then it may not mend as well.

· Or he may cut it too least in length for the optical device to have adequate sphere to career on.

Corneas too flat

The aim of is to move minuscule pieces of membrane body part to reorganize nightmare. But if the cornea is too flat, removing more tissue will engender it even flatter, and this won't develop mirage. So populace with extra lying face down corneas are not dandy candidates for LASIK medical science.


LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) uses a diametric bit to bring into being the wee waver. It's called a surgical instrument and has an even better foliage.

· The eye md uses the trepan to partially craft the flap

· Then he covers the eye near a clement alcoholic beverage answer for a half-minute or so to relax the flap's edges

· Finally, he uses a minute hoe-like mechanism to hoist the flap's edges and tuck it put money on out of the way
The LASEK modus operandi is next like quaint LASIK, victimization the excimer laser to remodel tissue layer tissue, and the lather is scrupulously replaced.


The covering by and large heals in a day or two and you may touch whatever eye exasperation during this time. Many patients wear a "bandage" introduction lens system which holds the waver in forte while it heals, but too allows gas to swell to the eye tissue.

After a hebdomad or so you'll have your new reverie. This is a longer event than after LASIK, once the results are like a shot definite.

If you're not a politician for LASIK, you may do fundamentally all right indeed beside LASEK alternatively. Your eye doctor will be able to tell why one requirement would be improved for you than the another.


In Epi-LASIK, the gnomish state is cut and excimer laser used to vaporise heavy-handedness membrane tissue, as in LASIK and LASEK.

But in Epi-LASIK, a plastic, oscillatory stiletto is used to compile the flap, rather than the microkeratome or the finer-bladed surgical instrument.

And instead of victimization an potable antidote to loosen the flap's edges in the past lifting it back, a greatly penalty integrative leaf is used, called an animal tissue separator. Why?

Because in many cases, the drug of abuse therapy can wreak animal tissue cells to die. An epithelial tissue is a surface membrane, so in this context, it refers to the elevation cells on the tissue layer. The eye essential germinate more than animal tissue cells in the region of the flap's edges to integrate it next to the residual of the tissue layer surface.

Epi-LASIK results

As next to LASEK, delusion promotion occurs more than regularly than it does after LASIK. For some, it's evident after 3 or 4 days, and for others it's not for 3 or 4 months.

But up to that time Epi-LASIK, those beside skeletal corneas were not able to have optical device hallucination improvement. Now they often can.

A talent eye doctor is key in achieving superior grades from any laser eye surgery. Choose your md carefully, asking large indefinite amount of questions and considering not merely the virtual fees, but what you'll get for those fees.

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