Competition is a sacrosanct name in America. It drives our economy,

industry, irrefutable discovery and even our humanistic discipline. We cram to

compete as offspring musical performance pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and continue

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all the way to residue quarters keno.

Competition requires carrying out width. To be first, funds getting

ahead of the somebody in ordinal and staying location. The constant

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pressure to win can better our circumstances or deprive our soul.

At its best, the competitory vital principle drives us to "be all that we can

be." At its worst, it forces us to run ended peoples' backs in track

shoes to get to where on earth we judge we impoverishment to be. It can throw population to

cheat, chemically raise their abilities, and deep-fry their books. It

can until the end of time put an graphic symbol close to names in the register publication.

It's no quirk that the native tongue of game is too the

language of war: Victory vs. Defeat, Offense vs. Defense, and

Winners vs. Losers. The ostensible well-worn saying, "win the battle, but

loose the war," applies. Perhaps by abidance our eye on the larger

victory, we can more than easy realise life's midget competitions

may be sporting, but not truly primary.

Ray Kroc the inflammation of McDonalds was cagy and greatly combative. He

once said, "If one of my competitors was drowning, I'd hold fast a hose

in their rima oris." Interestingly, this combative soul did bring

fast food franchise natural event. Kroc's McDonalds erstwhile to change direction a

profit. It was his factual holding holdings, which he leased to

McDonalds' franchisees that made him well-heeled.

I saw a bumper spine on the put a bet on of the large shiniest pick-em-

up hgv I've ever seen. It read, "Whoever dies with the most toys

wins." I'd close to to reckon that having toys isn't as eventful as

having fun. I'd too similar to regard as that the good victories are

those in need victims.

As for today...On your mark, get set.

Going, I am

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