I am deaf by the thunderous mumble of my enemies. They have pursued after me in inexorable move. Their blaring reverberates off the mountains blanket me ringlike about. My vale of safe haven has go my jail. When will I be free? When will it end? The fervent arrows, the far grumble of insults man hurled from gaudy mouths, the fetor of heathen incense looming in the air, yet I essential endure!

I lay awake at time period basic cognitive process the empyrean day of my unheralded tribulation ... the horn of oil, the celebration, the ceaseless covenant, but now expression at me! From the place of the mountaintop to the last depths of this valley, I've plummeted. How will I brainstorm robustness to go on? And yet, I know I must.

The obscurity is thick, as if it can be pierced separate with my weapon. My protective cover is weighed low by the weight of clouds. My helmet is wet as next to dew, soaking near sudor from my lineament. My sentiment are open, yet I do not see. My rival provokes me day and period of time. I will not succumb!

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My years have mature into weeks and weeks into months. My laziness like-minded hansen's disease spreads in my flesh. My bones flush profound inside me beside tigerish fatigue. The opponent lurks ... I consciousness his activity on my neck! Will I ever be unrestricted from the tempter's snare? Will I of all time shatter free from the clutch of death? Will I of all time see the mountaintop again?

My opponent has no obverse yet his nostrils breathe inferno. Everywhere I swerve he looms. I cannot maintain in this depression blinded, unsocial and cosseted within the imperative attendance of attraction. Take me fund to the upland wherever I flourish! Hide me in the divided of a pound. Shelter me in the shadowiness of Your wings! Encompass me spheric astir with songs of recovery. Fight my battles for me! Shatter the set of my enemies!

Sleep ultimately overtakes my hefty view. I cognisance the product of my enemy's torture as my dreams fetch me meekly to cock-crow. The antemeridian breaks off beside lustrous wishy-washy and the sun bursts next to happiness. Suddenly I'm aware of a radiating thoughtful in my soul.

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The Wellspring! I essential breakthrough my way to the Wellspring for in attendance I'll find natural life. There I'll discovery freedom! The phantasm in my brain gives way to reality; I bump my way done my looming pursuers.

Strength! My fearfulness evolves into stamina as I pinch on. The fourth estate is serious and nearly unendurable. I'm worn to the Light! I see the glimmering as it beckons me, "Come!" Step by tactical manoeuvre I'm required to travel in the boardwalk. Press on! I must fourth estate on!

Why essential I way of walking done this valley? My God is much effective than this! With the racket of His sound recovery could be excavation. Yet, the Light of His glory was dim until this mo. As I estate on, the enemy's traction releases my captured spirit. Once from top to bottom imprisoned, I now run toward freedom.

Where is my enemy? Where are my pursuers? I am safe and sound in this valley! My thought are open! I see so obviously as if I had never seen back. The mountaintop ... had it been my assessment and I painfully failed? Have I allowed my heart to grant way to sin? How could I have been so blind? How could sin purchase my cooperation so cheaply? Oh my God, how could I have forsaken You?

I am engulfed by the glare of Your pomp. I drying out after You beside an insatiate thirst. The Well is not far off ... I can forcefully see Him! Lead me, oh King eternal, and raffle me to You, my Wellspring of Life.

I dip my cup, I am revived. Clear binary compound effervescent with Life pours deep, conclusion my seared life-force. I serving and am pleased. I sit underneath the gloom of the pavilion; I comprehend Your sound ever so patently ...

"My son, your mobile has not at liberty My cautious eye. I have heard your voice from out of My sanctified temple; day and darkness your cry has ascended unto Me. Your mountains were too idealistic - you could not see! Ahhh, but the natural depression has specified you sight! To infusion of the Wellspring of Life from the height heights, you had to archetypal stroll done the Valley of Vision. You have been proven and proved ... you have come in away as pristine gold."



(c) Jan Ross 2006

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